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Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Just In: Twitter is Fitter

Kids. They grow up so fast. Seems like the last time I logged into the Flyentology blog, the Mission Creek crew hadn't thrown the biggest progressive jam-sesh Iowa City's seen this side of the millennium, twitter was just a gleam in Barbara Walters' eye, and we didn't even have a g-damn facebook page yet. The blogosphere was a place you could take your family to!

Anyway we kinda decided microblogging is more our style. It's less 'time consuming'. It's easier to sound 'funny'. So find us on the web working with 2k9 and let's hang out.

Facebook page

Flyrick twitter

Wolfcock twitter

Shout out to Van Holmgren for the sick SoF tag displayed up top. Check out his work and support!

Monday, June 30, 2008

One Night Only

Show at the Mill July 1st (I reckon that's tomorrow)!

Crystal Antlers
Team Robespierre
and comedy, you say?

You'd be crazy not to come!
We're closing out the show so come dance dance dance

Biggie- Going Back to Cali (Tenderlions Remix) [zShare]
Estelle- American Boy (LAZRtag remix) [zShare]

big ups to missingtoof

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Go Fly

We're about to go global. Well really I'm just leaving the country, but we all knew Wolfcock's ego needed a whole continent. Burrrrrn!

So 4Eyes is out like a trout in 5 weeks or so, heading to Spain. I'm hoping to be able to start doing some shows, I'll probably be living in Sevilla first but anywhere is fair game at this point. If you've got European music connections shoot me an email and I'll love ya for it.

Here's the lowdown for some YCDP (Yacht.Club.Dance.Party) events in the near future.

7/1: Uncle Phil and Friends

7/8: Things get house-y with sets from YCDP regular KAGE and Union-bar resident Dj Avant Garde (prize to who can pronounce that with the sleaziest French Accent).

7/11: We've got a Friday night Spot to book, guests TBA but expect a good dose of PORN and other guests TBA. Something good will happen, even if it's just us running around in penis costumes.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


If you're in Iowa City and are a regular KRUI listener there's a good chance you already know that no one is doing shows. The IMU is right on the Iowa River unfortunately and there's not a damn thing two guys with sneakers can do about that, except maybe dance at the flood. I hear it likes Lenny Kravitz so we're pretty much fucked. Man I wish that I could fly. Into the sky. So very high.
Just like a dragonfly.


Point being: with the student union out of commission, we're planning a Radio Special to be broadcast on PIRATE radio. Keep an ear out.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exodus: movement of jah people.

The School of Flyentology is happy to announce that they're doing a set at this years Exodus Music Festival happening June 7th outside Iowa City (check the roots of the tree).
After being put on hiatus last year, this all-day, all-night soirée is coming back as a distinctly less hippie-led affair, and we've worked with some of the new organizers to get as many Flyentology-approved acts on the bill as we can.
The trash-talking, table-dancing force that is MC/VL will be making its return trip to IC after doing an impromptu show with us at Mission Creek. Our friends Brendan and Daren are gonna be doing some crazy-ass dance music as well before they split town. I mean, there's gonna be a dude juggling fire for chrissake! What more can I say?

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's On

The Block party is totally going down tomorrow. Swing by for a weeny and watch some b-ball.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Calling all Ballers

It only took me a couple of Saturdays shooting b-ball in a little park by the train tracks to realize that, hey, this could be really fun with, say a hundred and fifty people running around listening to music, grilling, and playing basketball. And so the 1st Annual Flyentology Block Party was born.

Beyond the horseplay, mingling and general gaiety, we're going to throw down and host a 3-on-3 basketball tournament so you can finally bust out those mind-blowing ball skills you've been hiding away. Or at least those rrrrreally sweet Nikes you spent all your graduation money on. Each team will throw in some bucks for some extra incentive. It's going to Saturday, May 31st in Oak Park of Iowa City. Now it's time to shop for a new boombox.