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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Go Fly

We're about to go global. Well really I'm just leaving the country, but we all knew Wolfcock's ego needed a whole continent. Burrrrrn!

So 4Eyes is out like a trout in 5 weeks or so, heading to Spain. I'm hoping to be able to start doing some shows, I'll probably be living in Sevilla first but anywhere is fair game at this point. If you've got European music connections shoot me an email and I'll love ya for it.

Here's the lowdown for some YCDP (Yacht.Club.Dance.Party) events in the near future.

7/1: Uncle Phil and Friends

7/8: Things get house-y with sets from YCDP regular KAGE and Union-bar resident Dj Avant Garde (prize to who can pronounce that with the sleaziest French Accent).

7/11: We've got a Friday night Spot to book, guests TBA but expect a good dose of PORN and other guests TBA. Something good will happen, even if it's just us running around in penis costumes.

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