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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exodus: movement of jah people.

The School of Flyentology is happy to announce that they're doing a set at this years Exodus Music Festival happening June 7th outside Iowa City (check the roots of the tree).
After being put on hiatus last year, this all-day, all-night soirée is coming back as a distinctly less hippie-led affair, and we've worked with some of the new organizers to get as many Flyentology-approved acts on the bill as we can.
The trash-talking, table-dancing force that is MC/VL will be making its return trip to IC after doing an impromptu show with us at Mission Creek. Our friends Brendan and Daren are gonna be doing some crazy-ass dance music as well before they split town. I mean, there's gonna be a dude juggling fire for chrissake! What more can I say?

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